Frank’s vs Crystal: The Battle of the Sauces

Frank’s vs Crystal: The Battle of the Sauces

Yup, once more showing off my amazing MS Paint skills. You can see why I don’t work as a Graphic Designer.

Anyway, here we are. I just finished off a dozen wings. 6 each coated in Frank’s or Crystal hot sauce. Which was the winner? Which did I like more? Which will I continue to buy while the other simply sits as a bottle in my Empties collection?

First, some general comparisons:

The ingredients are mostly the same, with aged red chilis and vinegar making up the first two ingredients of both. But Frank’s adds in some water and garlic powder. Though, I have to admit, I have never had Frank’s and gone, “Mmm! Garlic!” So, there’s that.

Despite having added water, it’s the Crystal that is less viscous. It’s not like Frank’s is chunky by any stretch (and I do have some sauces that are thicc), but coming out of the bottle, the Crystal runs more. So, in all, it spreads a little thinner on whatever you’re putting it on.

I think that the Frank’s is just very mildly hotter than the Crystal. It’s very close, but I think Frank’s edges out slightly there, at least to me.

I will say that I can get Frank’s in a huge bottle at Kroger while I only found Crystal at Publix in that 6oz bottle. It’s a minor thing, but still…

So, who’s the winner of “my favorite general pepper sauce?”


*drums fall over.*

Really, either is just as good to me as the other, flavor-wise.

I could see much of the difference in use coming down to viscosity in the application. If I want something a bit thicker to stick to food, I would want Frank’s. If I am mixing it into a sauce or want the sauce applied thinly, I would go with Crystal. Marinades? Probably Crystal.

I could see Crystal as my “use to cook with” sauce and have Frank’s as my finishing sauce.

Sorry if that’s anticlimactic. But that’s what my taste buds say.

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