Karma Sauce Burn After Eating Review


So, *holding mouth open* my new subscription box came in. It showed up just as I was walking out to the car from my job. I brought it home and opened it up. It’s got 3 of the new sauces from Season 10 of Hot Ones.

I decided to go straight for the hottest one in the box! Because Iii’m smart!

Now, full disclosure, I only had a pinky finger full (though it was a pretty full pinky finger). But that was plenty!

This sauce is hot! Oof! And after several chugs of milk and maybe 15min going by, my mouth is still hard to close.

I will say that this sauce, what I could taste of it before my tongue combusted, is really good. It’s got a very complex flavor. A little bitter, but not in a bad way like some sauces I have had. It’s almost got a black pepper sort of flavor to it. At least, that’s a bit of what’s lingering on my tongue, despite it not having black pepper in the sauce.

So, that could be some of the other exotic flavors it’s got in there. Some of them, I’ve never heard of before.

I wish either 1) my heat tolerance was higher or 2) the sauce just wasn’t as burn-inducing, because what I tasted was good before my face died in a fire.

Donation sauce for sure.

Suggested dishes: with the bit of bitter kick and the peppery flavor, I could see putting this on an Italian Beef sandwich. Pastas with red sauce also would probably be pretty good.

If you’re looking to pick up a bottle for yourself, you can find it here: https://heatonist.com/collections/hottest-hot-sauces/products/karma-burn-after-eating?variant=29461490597986

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