Mountain Dew Kickstart Energizing Blueberry Pomegranate Review

If there’s one thing this review will do, it will teach me how to spell pomegranate correctly on the first try.

Anyway, I wasn’t actually originally planning on doing a review today, but thanks to my upstairs neighbors doing… whatever the hell it was much of the night, I didn’t get a lot of sleep. So, I needed a bit of a kick here this morning.

I want to say that this particular flavor came recommended to me from a friend. A couple Saturdays ago when I went to the store and just picked up one of every Kickstart variety they had, apparently they were out of one. When I did my first review, my friend mentioned how great it was. I looked and was saddened to see that I’d not purchased a can. However, this last Saturday, the store must’ve gotten a restock, because there it was. Anyway, on to the pour…

I’ll note that when pouring, my kitchen smelled like blueberry muffins for a moment. The scent’s pretty strong in there. As for the color, it reminds me a lot of Voltage, though it might actually be just a touch darker in color.

Also, mental note to find a 20oz of Voltage to review.

Anyway, what about the flavor?

Now, as you’ve probably read in my other Kickstart reviews, I tend to find that they have a “roundness” to the flavor that catches you on the sides of the tongue, almost around the edge to the bottom. That’s as opposed to the regular, full-soda varieties that are more “sharp” in their flavor. This is the first Kickstart Dew that has been closer to “sharp” than to “round” in flavor. The blueberry comes through first and then it finishes with the pomegranate (got it right the first time! Woo!). It is very good, and I think it’s probably my favorite of the Kickstart Dews so far. I can see why my friend recommended it.

Anyway, now off to work with a little bit more spring in my step.

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