Mountain Dew Kickstart Energizing Midnight Grape Review

Me: I’m cutting back on soda.

Also me: I’m having a seemingly impossible time waking up. I need something.

Yes, well, these things happen. But you’re not here for my personal life story. You just want to know about the drink.

Here we have Midnight Grape. Much like the Black Cherry seemed to be a spin-off from Code Red and obviously Original Dew was a spin-off from… well, original Mountain Dew, this one seems to be a spin-off of Pitch Black. Now, Pitch Black is actually one of my favorite Dew flavors, being in my top 5. I’ve not seen it in stores lately, which is rather disappointing. Next time I come across some, I’ll need to make sure and pick it up.

Anyway, the reason I like Pitch Black so much is because it doesn’t bash you over the head with grape flavor. So many artificially-flavored grape products come in with a tire iron of GRAPE!!!! to your tastebuds. But Pitch Black doesn’t do that. It’s grape without being a bash over the head of it. Now, since Kickstart tends to be milder in flavor than the full-soda versions, is that what will happen here? Let’s see. To the pour!

No prizes for thinking that this was going to be a super-dark purple. I do like that when the fizz is subsiding that you can see streaks of more blue in the foam as it works its way down. It creates cool patterns.

As expected, this does taste like Pitch Black, and it is just a bit more mild than the regular soda. It’s got a good Concord Grape flavor, but as with Pitch Black, it doesn’t smash you over the head with it. It’s just rather mellow and mild and really hits my tongue just after swallowing. In lieu of Pitch Black being unavailable, a can of this would be a good substitute in a pinch.

The “roundness” to the flavor is back in this one as well. It’s not quite as much as some of the first Kickstart flavors, but it’s there. The taste just goes around the sides and almost underneath the tongue as you’re drinking. It’s something I’ve gotten a bit more used to over the time. Still not sure that it’s my favorite aspect of these drinks, but it’s not bad.

And there we have it for another review. I’ve got one more new Kickstart flavor in the fridge to test out. And then, just the other day at Publix, I came across 3 more unique cans of Dew that I’ll be delving into.

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