Marie Sharp’s Garlic Pepper Sauce Review

Welcome back, everyone. I just finished off a very nice tray of wings for lunch and it’s time for another review. We’re headed back to the world of Marie Sharp and her fresh-from-Belize hot sauces. As you may remember, I recently had Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Sauce and… it was one of the best sauces I’d ever had. I might have to do another showdown to see what my favorite sauce is. But before we go there, I had gone over to the Marie Sharp’s website. From there, I found that they had a US distributor. And from there, I found that, along with buying all the sauces individually, they have a “one of every hot sauce we make” option in their shop… for only about $45 dollars!!



I mean, damn! My hot sauce subscription from Heatonist is $30/month and I get 3 sauces from that. I love it and I will continue to get it as long as I still am on this hot sauce journey. But that comesout to $10 per 5oz bottle. The “one of everything” deal at Marie Sharp’s is 14 sauces for about $45. That’s roughly $3 per bottle! How could I pass that up!?! Also, they are located in North Carolina, so basically my back yard. Obviously, I had to get it. I then waited the (incredibly long holiday) weekend and got my sauces earlier this week.

I have to say… it was initially a bit overwhelming. With these sauces coming in and my new subscription box, that was a total of 16 more sauces for me to try. That’s more than are in my fridge right now that I’ve already had. So… yeah.

Marie Sharp’s also threw in some little 50ml bottles of a few of their sauces, a hand-written thank you note, and a couple stickers, because they’re awesome. Have to say, would recommend for the customer service alone. As if I don’t already think the first sauce I had from them made them amazing enough.

Anyway, but what about the sauce I just had for lunch? Well, it was tough to decide where to begin. I did have a ton of them to choose from after all. However, with thanks to a friend, I narrowed it down to two and then to one, the Garlic Pepper Sauce.

Now, longtime readers will remember that I’ve been on a long search to find what I consider the perfect garlic pepper sauce, with all of the ones so far coming up short, including the one I tried to make myself. Will this be the one that finally scratches my itch?

Well, starting off, the sauce has the consistency of loose applesauce. As such, the little plastic topper on the bottle had to go. I was barely getting any sauce out with that thing. Afterward, it poured very easily over the wings and gave off a nice scent as it heated up. I knew I was in for a treat.

You’ll see in the picture that the sauce is rather orange. I’m sure that comes from the main ingredient being carrots. I love carrots. They’re arguably my favorite vegetable. And in this sauce, they add a lot of sweetness and earthiness. There’s vinegar in the sauce as well, but it definitely doesn’t have a sour/bitter vinegar bite. It’s a very pleasant-to-eat sauce. It’s not very hot, as the peppers are pretty far down on the list of ingredients, but there’s definitely some there. I’d put it about the same level as most grocery-store sauces in terms of heat, which is just fine. So you don’t have to have a high tolerance to enjoy this one. This isn’t a sauce that’s going to blow you away, but simply enhance what you’re eating. And that’s something I noticed. I’ve mentioned before that many sauces simply overpower what you’re eating. You only taste the sauce and not the underlying food. That’s not the case here. I could distinctly taste the chicken underneath all the added flavors of the hot sauce. I can definitely respect that.

I really like this sauce. I feel I’ve set my bar for “the perfect garlic hot sauce” too high that nobody will ever fully reach it, but this one has definitely come the closest so far. In the future, if I’m looking for a garlic sauce, this will be the one that I go for (unless something else comes along to knock it off, which I don’t see happening soon, but you never know).

I don’t know, just whenever I think about eating this sauce, the term “pleasant” comes to mind. It’s still rather straightforward, not overly complex, but it just tastes good. On a pure “how much do you love it?” scale, I think I would go with the original Habanero Pepper Sauce that I had last time, but I don’t want that to make it sound like I’m in any way dissatisfied with this sauce. It certainly won’t last long in my fridge, as it’s going to be used up very quickly.

And apparently this is a new sauce to their lineup. I’m certainly glad that it’s here.

Suggested dishes: chicken and pork would be great. I could see this being a great finishing sauce on pizza and pasta dishes as well.

If you’re international, you can find your local Marie Sharp’s distributor here:

If you’re in the US and want to pick up some for yourself, you can find it here:

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