Mike’s Hot Honey Review

Hello and welcome back to another… well, it’s not really a hot sauce… but it is, kinda, but it’s not, but it is… Oh well, welcome back to another review. I think I’m going to group this more in with the jams that I did from Marie Sharp’s as opposed to specifically hot sauces. But, in the end, does it really matter? No. I’m taking a look at Mike’s Hot Honey. This is the final product alluded to that came in my care package from Kim & Kelly that also included Wild Green’s sauce as well as the sauces from The General. So, as always, thanks to them for giving me a chance to give this a go.

Now, before I get too far, I want to mention that, generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of honey. It’s such a powerful sock in the face when you have it, I feel it can easily just overpower other flavors very easily, even when used sparingly. The only time I really use honey all that much is if I have a sore throat, where I’ll take teaspoons of it straight since it has a lot of anti-microbial properties. And yeah, for me, that’s a rough thing to do. I’ll take the spoonful and be like, “Bwaah! Ha-HAAA!” as I swallow it down. But, as with these things, I still want to be objective in my analysis. Maybe it’s just the fact that the honey hasn’t been infused with peppers that’s been the problem all along!

Looking at the side, there’s only 3 ingredients listed: honey, chiles, and vinegar. Honey, as expected, is the base. They don’t say if it’s any particular kind of honey, at least on the bottle. And while I’ve not gone and tasted a bunch of different types, I do know that, say, clover honey can taste different from lavender honey or wildflower honey. They also don’t specify what types of peppers they’re using. I’m going to guess cayenne, but that’s really just a guess. finally, there’s vinegar. I’m guessing here that’s because they’re not just taking whole peppers and putting it in honey to set for a while, but they’re adding pepper mash, which is usually a mix of pepper pulp and vinegar. And, you never know, maybe a sour/bitter bite will help tone down some of the super-sweet that honey usually has.

I’m testing this honey out on Thomas English Muffin. I went grocery shopping the other day and picked them up while out. I know I’ll need to eat them quickly, because it’s been rainy here a lot lately, and that means it’s also extra-moldy. So fresh bread won’t last long.

Anyway, I toasted up the muffin and added some softened butter and then a teaspoon or so of the honey on top. I should note that I also had a muffin with just regular honey on it as a “control” of sorts. And a couple extras I had Marie Sharp’s Mango Jam on, because that stuff’s amazing. But I’m getting off-track.

I had the regular honey muffin first and, yeah, it was what I was expecting. Super-sweet flavor and the flavor of honey itself, which I’ve been trying now for about a half-hour to come up with words to describe, but all I can come up with is “honey.” If you know what honey tastes like, then you know what it tastes like. If you don’t, you’ll just have to find some honey and give it a try. And yeah, it was fine, but it definitely wasn’t my favorite.

Moving on to the Mike’s muffin, I should probably start by saying that it poured out exactly the same as the regular honey. It had the same viscosity. So, despite having vinegar in there, it wasn’t thinned out at all. Taking a bit, I will say that there wasn’t that sort of jolt of sweet that I get from the regular honey. There was still the general flavor of honey, though it was a bit toned down as well. And on the very, very, very back end, just the slightest bit of heat. I have to say, I don’t know if I just didn’t use enough (I used what I figured an appropriate amount for an English Muffin would be. It was definitely on there, but not pooling or anything like that) or what, but I’m not 100% sure I’d’ve been able to tell you that this was “hot honey” if I’d not known ahead of time. However, taking a fingerfull just now, I definitely get the heat more, but it’s generally rather mild. Like, an off-the-shelf hot sauce will be a bit hotter. I have to say, it does complement the flavor of honey fairly well. And, if given a choice of regular honey versus the hot honey, I would go with the hot honey because I feel the flavor’s a bit more rounded and you get that bit of interest from the chiles in there.

So yeah, overall, I like it more than regular wildflower honey, though I’m still not going to be chugging this or anything. Though, I’m not really sure who chugs honey to begin with, but there we are. I’m glad that honey effectively never goes bad, since I’m guessing I’ll go through this stuff slowly. I guess if I get a sore throat with a stuffy nose, I can tackle both ailments at the same time (since peppers have natural decongestants in them).

Suggested dishes: The side of the bottle lists a bunch of things. I’m not entirely sure I’d go with all of them (putting this on pizza? Ok. You do you, homey). But it does say chicken, which I can definitely see. Chicken and waffles, specifically. And I could see actually putting this on some BBQ ribs, to be honest. Maybe not a ton, but as part of the glaze that goes on at the end? Sure, I could see that. I think those would be my main two suggestions.

If you’re looking for some Mike’s Hot Honey of your own, you can find it on their website here: https://mikeshothoney.com/collections/products/products/mikes-hot-honey

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