Mountain Dew Voo-Dew 2020 Review

Welcome back, everyone. It’s finally time once more for another Dew Review. This one comes courtesy of my good friend Andifox who found this while out on a shopping excursion and snagged me a case.

I’m pretty sure she was also the one who told me that this flavor existed in the first place. So, this couldn’t be done without her. So, thank you, Andifox. ^_^

Anyway, Pepsico is looking to once more do a Voo-Dew flavor. Funnily enough, the one from last year was the first Dew Review I posted on my blog. So, this is an anniversary of sorts. As before, this flavor is a mystery flavor. They don’t really tell you what you’re getting, much like with Frost Bite as well. You just have to go in and decide for yourself what you’re tasting. And as anyone who’s watched Hell’s Kitchen knows, not knowing what you’re tasting can really confuse your palate. So, let’s see what we’ve got.

Opening the can, there’s a rather mild fruity scent coming. It’s a little bit of citrus and a little bit berry. But before I can drink it, I need to get out my favorite Dew-drinking glass and get to the pour.

Like Voo-Dew 2019, it’s milky-white in color. So, we’ll get no hints from the shading, at least. And yeah, more of that lightly-citrus, kinda-berry smell as the bubbles fizz away.

Now, I really wish that I still had a can of Voo-Dew 2019 with me to see if they actually changed the flavor at all or if it’s still the same, with the can only changing in-between. But the last time I had Voo-Dew 2019 was I think in January. So, I’ll just have my memory and words from before to go off of.

Taking a sip, I get an initial hit of Dew flavor. You know, that big punchy rush of sugar right to the end of my tongue. I should note that this is the first thing that I’m tasting this morning. So take that as you will. This is, in effect, my “morning coffee.” As for that flavor, it tastes like Original Dew, but only for a moment or so. Then, it mellows out into sweet berries. I feel it’s a bit raspberry and maybe a bit strawberry. So, citrus, then raspberry/strawberry. Though it’s not super-strong raspberry like you often get. and the strawberry isn’t very rough either. I wouldn’t so far as to say that it’s necessarily “smooth,” but it is definitely not as spiked as other Dew flavors.

Subsequent sips lack that big initial punch and just leave me with the berries. Maybe a little blueberry in there?

It is very sweet, though. Even if the flavors aren’t overpowering, there’s a lot of sweetness in those sips. I can feel it on my teeth a little bit after taking a sip.

As I say, I wish I had a Voo-Dew 2019 with me. Reading over that review and re-reading what I just typed here, they sound very close to the same. So, it could be that only the can has been changed to protect the innocent.

So, I would have to say that I like Voo-Dew 2020. It’s not super-punchy, but it is tasty. And the taste is one you don’t get in a lot of sodas out there, so it certainly has a uniqueness factor to it. There’s bunches of colas and cherry-flavored sodas, but not as many just mixed berry or strawberry, as I feel this one is. So, I would recommend finding a case. Though, I have heard rumors of concerns over limited availability due to the pandemic. As such, if you see a case, I wouldn’t suggest passing it up if you want to try it for yourself.

Thanks again to Andifox and I’ll see you next time.

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