Mountain Dew Cake-Smash Review

Welcome back, everyone. Yes, it’s time for another Dew Review. This one actually took a bit of work to get it and, for a while, I didn’t think I would be able to. Mountain Dew Cake-Smash was only available for an extremely limited time on the Mountain Dew website. I went on there and was able to get it into my cart… but by the time I checked out, it was all gone. I don’t know how much of it PepsiCo actually made, but it feels like they made ten 6-packs and that was it. Ah well, thanks to spending way too damn much ($25 after shipping and handling) and a friend with an eBay account (thanks, Jason), I managed to get a can of it. Let’s hope it was worth it.

Anyway, as you can tell by the name Cake-Smash is… cake flavored. … … … … I… don’t know how I feel about that. Like, I’ve had Dews of all flavors, of course, but they tend to come in various fruit varieties. Never baked goods. Though this does seem to be a trend now as PepsiCo is also making the Flamin’ Hot Dew (which will be available in just a couple days. Wish me luck in getting some of that). I’m… nervously optimistic about how this will go.

But before I can taste it, let’s crack open this more-expensive-than-any-other-Dew-I’ve-had can and see what we have with the pour.

Clear. I guess having a very mild yellow of a butter/vanilla cake would probably look not the best in a cup. Also, I’m guessing it would’ve been too much of a hassle to try and get, like, sparkly edible confetti in there to float around, mimicking the confetti and sprinkles that’s often associated with these types of cakes.

I will say… it smells like cake… Almost eerily similar to.

So, thanks to websites like Grubhub, it actually wasn’t all that long ago that I had vanilla cake. There’s a bakery that I order from where you can get 3 slices of cake at a discount if you just go, “surprise me” and they send you 3 of whatever they have fresh that day. You can potentially get a wider range of flavors than what they have on their online menu, and it’s been really fun finding out what I’ve had. Well, not long ago, I got a slice of their vanilla birthday cake. And, I must say, the smell of this Dew and the smell of that cake is incredibly similar. But, how does it taste?…

Ok… that’s… just… weird. Not really much of a “surprise” exactly, but it does taste like cake. I put that in quotes because, well, the can says “this tastes like cake” but I have NEVER had the flavor of cake in beverage form before and hence, despite being told that’s what it is, it’s still surprising. It’s not unpleasant, just unexpected (again, despite the fact that they tell you that’s what it’s going to taste like on the label). It’s actually… good. And so amazingly precise to the flavor of the cake. Like, I can actually feel like I distinguish the flavor of 1) the actual vanilla cake itself, 2) the flavor of the sweet frosting, and 3) the flavor of the sprinkles on top. Now I know how Violet felt when she had that gum…

That’s… just… *taking a few more sips* … weird. But yeah… it’s very sweet, as one would expect. It’s got vanilla flavor, but not at all like a cream soda style. It’s got subtle hints of baked flavor, like the slightly more-done edges of a cake (I think I maybe got a corner piece). And there’s the flavor of those sprinkles in there, slightly less sweet and almost borderline chalky, but it doesn’t quite get there.

… Wow… this has been an… experience. In retrospect, I kinda wish I’d gotten 2. I won’t say that it’s suddenly a new favorite flavor, but I kinda want to just have maybe had another can around to share with friends if they’d come over. It’s a bit wild.

So… yeah… I can’t say when or if Mountain Dew Cake-Smash will ever be around again, but I would suggest keeping an eye out for it. It’s worth the experience, if you ask me.

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