Mountain Dew Flamin’ Hot Review

Welcome back, everyone. It’s time for another Dew Review. And this time, we’ve got a pretty big one. This caused a bit of an internet sensation when it was announced. People were sending it to me left and right (one saying, “it’s like they took PB and distilled him into a can), asking if I knew if it was real or not. And yes, it is. Mountain Dew teamed up with the folks at Cheetos to bring us Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew. Now, I waited all day when it went on sale and despite trying for an hour, I wasn’t able to get through. However, thankfully (or not), there’s always scalpers on eBay. So, yeah, I spent a lot more for this single can than I really should’ve, but it’s about the experience, right? Let’s not focus on the negative and get to the drink, itself.

Now, I have a confession to make… I’ve never actually had Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. “But PB! Don’t you like flamin’ hot everything!?!” and… I mean… kinda. I’ve just never actually gotten the Cheetos before. I like Cheetos. I just tend to get the regular variety. So, for this review, I figured I needed to get some.

So, now I’ve had a few Cheetos and I think they’re tasty. I’m not entirely sure they out-do regular Cheetos in my book, but I’ll finish this bag just fine.

But I’m not here to do Cheeto reviews. I’m here to do Mountain Dew Reviews. And if I’m going to review this Dew, I need to get it out of the can. So, let’s get to the pour.

I was expecting bright red. I got red/orange. The soda doesn’t give off too much of a scent. It generally just smells like Dew. I’m not sure what I was expecting. Maybe that it’d smell like a super-hot sauce or something. I can tell you that it doesn’t smell like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. I will admit, part of me was worried that they’d take the flavor of the snack and just shove it in a can (I mean, that’s what they did with Cake Smash, after all). That doesn’t seem to be the case. The soda has a mostly citrus smell to it.

Taking a sip, hmm… that’s interesting. It tastes kinda like regular Mountain Dew, but the flavor is slightly more muted than usual. So, Mountain Dew but maybe if it was slightly watered down. I keep a big ice cube in my glass as I drink (see photo above) and I was worried that it was watering things down. But I still had some soda in the can and tried it directly and yeah, it’s still like Mountain Dew, but just sort of toned down a little. Maybe a touch more citrus-y?… maybe?

So, how about the Flamin’ Hot? Well, that’s the interesting thing. About 10-15 seconds after drinking, my whole mouth is starting to fill with a very familiar heat tingle. A hot sauce might just hit your tongue and your teeth some as you chew. But since this is a drink, it pretty much gets everywhere. And that’s where the heat tingle is coming in from. It’s actually kind of a groovy mix, since you have the cold of the soda and then you end up with a heat tingle afterward. It’s almost like what happens when you have hot food and then drink ice water. The water is cold, but it doesn’t put out the fire for long. Soon, that tingle starts to creep back up through. But, in this case, you don’t need hot sauce and some water. It’s all just self-contained in the can.

It’s not a super-high heat. I’m about 2/3 of the way through the can and I’m not begging for water or anything. It’s just a heat tingle like I’d get several minutes after having an off-the-shelf hot sauce. If you don’t like spice at all, it will be too much for you. But if you are the type to actually enjoy spice and seek it out, it’s kind of a nice little addition to the soda.

And now that I’ve had them individually, how do the two items go in tandem? Taking a sip of some Dew and then having a couple Cheetos and then back again, I can say that it works fairly well. Ah, Cheetos and Dew, breakfast of champions.

So, what are my overall thoughts? I mentioned above that I was actually kind of worried about this one. I wouldn’t think that PepsiCo would intentionally make a soda that didn’t taste good, but still, what goes through one’s mind when they hear “Flamin’ Hot Dew”? They think it’s gonna taste like Cheetos. I’m happy to say that that’s not the case. It’s like slightly muted regular Mountain Dew but with a heat tingle chaser. Considering that it was extremely limited and I’ve only got the one can (unless I want to spend a ton more for another), this will be my only real chance to have it… and… that makes me kinda sad, to be honest. I wouldn’t say that it would be in major rotation in my Dew drinking habits, but a can of this once every couple months wouldn’t be terrible. So, I don’t know if the folks at PepsiCo and Mountain Dew are reading this, but if you are, I’d say to think about maybe having Flamin’ Hot Dew around from time to time.

And that’s that. Stay tuned this upcoming weekend for Mountain Dew flavors that aren’t quite so controversial. And my thanks to Jonestock for getting me this Dew. It was a lot better than expected.

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